By paying, you are agreeing to all the terms described below:


I’m and individual selling her whole collection, not a shop, nor a business.
I’m selling because we need to replace stolen materials, tools and machinery taken from the build site of our new home. Construction has been stalled since August 2022.

Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.
These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up – do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.

Price, Offers & Buying

If a doll or item has no price, please feel free to make a reasonable offer. The same applies to priced dolls and items, I’m open to hearing fair suggestions.

If you need more pictures, a more detailed description or anything at all, please just write to me, using the form below, a message on fb or telegram (@theblackcatpt) and the reference for the item(s) you need more information on.

I will describe everything to the best of my ability and list any faults I see. You are responsible for asking any questions before you buy. All sales are final! No buyer’s remorse, so think it over very well before you buy and pay.

Pets, (no) Smoke & other things

All items have been stored away and come from a smoke free environment, but we do have pets and hair gets everywhere. I do my best to send everything hair free, but you will find the occasional stray hair stuck to plastic or tape. You may also find sticker residue where a price sticker might once have been. Dust residue may also be present in box cracks and joints. Bear all of this in mind.

Payments & Refunds

I won’t refund buyer’s remorse and I will only ship after full payment has been made to registered Paypal addresses exclusively, declaring FULL VALUE. If for customs reasons you want a lower value declared, you can pay as a gift, but if something happens to your package, you can only be compensated BY THE PO for that lower declared value and I won’t be responsible for any loss you may incur in.
I will assist you with anything I can for that process, but ultimately the responsibility is yours.

International payments can be done by PP

European payments by PP or bank transfer.

In Portugal you can additionally pay by MBWay or Referência MB.

Payment is in EUROS. I don’t do crypto.


I will consider short layaways, but you need to be fully aware that there will be no refunds on instalments paid. You need to consider that if I’m setting something aside to accommodate you, I’m possibly losing a quicker sale to the next person. Once an instalment is paid, it can’t be refunded.

Packaging & Mailing

All orders are shipped within 1-3 days of payment clearing, depending on week day. You will get your tracking number as soon as the package is dropped at the Post Office. 


ITEMS (dolls, clothes, accessories, etc): I will only ship items via Registered Shipping with tracking.

Magazine: The only exception is Blythiful Magazine(s), which I can send via “green mail”. It’s a speedy non trackable mail. I will NOT give refunds on no-shows if you choose this shipping method, which will be included in the magazine’s asking price. If you want tracking, you can pay the difference only. Shipping times are similar for either method.

Tracked shipping goes up to 2kg, be it to Portugal, Europe, USA or rest of the World.

Heavier than 2kg items can be shipped via “Parcel” (Encomenda) or “Parcel Express” (Encomenda Express), but they have specific rules: you have to pick them up at the nearest Post Office and you have a certain amount of days to do so. After this time elapses. the package is either returned to me or forwarded to a new address (and shipping needs to be paid in FULL again) or the package is considered abandoned by you in favour of the PO.

I will NOT be liable for you not picking up the package. In either case, refunds are not possible, as I did my part.

I will always do everything in my power to accommodate all your needs to give you the best experience, so please work with me.

You can check prices at the website or tables below (prices are correct at the time of posting this information (January 2023) and subject to confirmation).

If you’re paying by commission charging ways, like PP, shipping cost needs to be adjusted, as I don’t make money on shipping and I don’t want to lose money on it either.

Registered with tracking takes 1-2 days to arrive in Portugal and up to 7 days to the rest of the World.

Express takes 1 to 2 days to arrive anywhere. According to the CTT Portugal.

Registered with tracking has a low compensation value in case of parcel loss by the PO.
Extra insurance can be purchased for an additional cost, but then the parcel needs to be delivered exclusively to the receiver, meaning no one else can pick up the parcel.

Insurance tiersPrices
 Up to  500 €3,30 €
500 € a 1 000 €6,20 €
1 000 € a 2 500 €15,60 €
 2 500 € a 5 000 €31,50 €
the cost of this service depends on chosen declared value for items


To PortugalRegistered w/trackingExtra Insurance
up to 500gr3.95€1.15€ + 3.30€ up to 31.50€*
500gr to 2kg6.50€1.15€ + 3.30€ up to 31.50€*
2kg to 10kg7.70€ to 12.80€2.20€ to 2.50€ + 3.30€ up to 31.50€*
* 1.15€ pertains to delivery exclusively to receiver + value depending on insurance value chosen, according to Insurance tiers table


2kg 6.90€14€
up to (various prices in between)
all prices according to, subject to confirmation at shipping time

EUROPE 5 days

Registered With Tracking Europe
250 g – 500 g8,00 €
500 g – 1 kg11,20 €
1 kg – 2 kg16,75 €
You can add extra insurance at the cost of 1.30€ + value of chosen tier, according to Insurance tiers table

EUROPE EXPRESS (see more at

Destination zones
Peso (*)23
up to 2 kg37,86 €42,71 €
2 kg to 5 kg46,60 €54,28 €
5 kg to 10 kg60,11 €79,50 €

WORLD Registered with tracking (excluding USA)

250 g – 500 g10,85 €
500 g – 1 kg17,80 €
1 kg – 2 kg27,30 €
You can add extra insurance at the cost of 1.30€ + value of chosen tier.

USA Registered with tracking 7 days

250 g – 500 g12,85 €
500 g – 1 kg20,65 €
1 kg – 2 kg29,20 €
You can add extra insurance at the cost of 1.30€ + value of chosen tier.

WORLD EXPRESS (see more at

Weight (*)Destination zones
até 1 kg57,45 €59,80 €86,76 €104,87 €118,12 €
até 1,5 kg64,07 €66,42 €97,20 €121,22 €136,02 €
até 2 kg70,70 €73,06 €107,67 €137,56 €153,92 €
até 2,5 kg77,32 €79,68 €118,12 €153,92 €171,81 €
até 3 kg83,96 €86,82 €126,23 €169,90 €188,23 €
até 3,5 kg90,59 €93,96 €134,32 €185,88 €204,64 €
até 4 kg97,20 €101,08 €142,43 €201,86 €221,08 €
até 4,5 kg103,83 €108,22 €150,52 €217,83 €237,49 €
até 5 kg109,73 €115,38 €157,91 €233,81 €253,92 €
até 5,5 kg115,62 €121,25 €163,03 €244,85 €265,34 €
até 6 kg121,52 €127,15 €168,19 €255,90 €276,75 €
até 6,5 kg127,40 €133,03 €173,35 €266,97 €288,15 €
até 7 kg133,30 €138,93 €178,53 €278,00 €299,58 €
até 7,5 kg139,17 €144,83 €183,66 €289,05 €310,98 €
até 8 kg145,06 €150,73 €188,81 €300,10 €322,39 €
até 8,5 kg150,96 €156,62 €193,96 €311,14 €333,81 €
até 9 kg156,85 €162,51 €199,13 €322,18 €345,21 €
até 9,5 kg162,74 €168,39 €204,28 €333,23 €356,65 €
até 10 kg168,64 €174,27 €209,42 €344,26 €368,07 €
* add IVA at 23% to these prices, insurance can be added at extra cost:
até 500 €6,68 €
até 1.000 €13,29 €
até 2.500 €33,42 €
* add IVA at 23% to these prices


If you are planning to try to scam me, stop right now, please save us both the time and trouble.