Furniture for your dolls!

And also vehicles!

When the item has no price, it means you can make a fair offer on it.
Remember I’m located in Portugal (Europe), so International Shipping is more costly. I will only ship registered with tracking and with declared amount.
If you’re in the European Union, this is your chance to grab that dolls customs free!
Please consult the Shipping information page where you’ll find all on the shipping, payments and refunds policy.

If you need more pictures, a more detailed description or anything at all, please just write to me, using the form below and the reference for the item(s) you need more information on.

Putting the dolls up takes a lot of time (between sorting, photographing, uploading pics, etc) so check back daily to see all the new ones.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC DOLL or piece of clothing, etc. that YOU DON’T SEE HERE, message me here on the contact form, or through facebookmessenger or telegram, as I may have what you’re looking for. @theblackcatpt

All sales are final! No buyer’s remorse, so think it over very well before you buy and pay.
I will describe everything to the best of my ability and list any faults I see. You are responsible for asking any questions before you buy.

All items have been stored away and come from a smoke free environment, but we do have pets and hair gets everywhere (yes, even closed cabinets and boxes, don’t ask me how). I do my best to send everything hair free, but you will find the occasional stray hair stuck to plastic or tape. Bear this in mind.

By paying, you are agreeing to all these terms. No exceptions.