Petworks Crayon Nikki Cat Odeco

170€ OBO

Nikki is in good conditon and there are no visible flaws on her.

Her eyes have been changed for acrylic eyes and long eyelashes.

She comes with her stock outfit.

This is a VHTF doll!

1. Remove the lid

When I remove the lid behind my head, a sleep eye is on my eye bag.

※Sleep eyes cannot be disassembled.

Some eye bags are cut and some are not, depending on the specifications.

※The illustration is cut.

2. Adjust one-off orientation

If you think that the sleep eye is in a strange tone, such as the one that opens in the left and right… If you want, let’s move the eyes little by little and adjust.

★ If the eye bag is cut

Move and adjust the eyes little by little from the back ( inside of the head ).
Please adjust it to your liking, which is a little closed to sleep, and is tail-like.

★ If the eye bag is not cut

From the front of the face, place bamboo skewers on the metal part of the sleep eye and press it up, down, left and right to turn the line of sight.

◇ Perch → Up the blind or down the eye
◇ Tape → Head up or down

If it is difficult to move, hold the eye bag from behind and put air between the eye bag and the sleep eye.

※Using a metal pointed thing like a blink can hurt the sleep eye. Please be careful.

→ The one who replaces one is the next step.

3. Take out the sleep eye

★ If the eye bag is not cut

If there is a gap between the eye bag and the eye, push the eye from the front of the face to the back so that the eye bag and eye gaps are eliminated.
Put the cross into the eye bag with a cutter, etc. and remove the eye.

Some products have thin eye bags.
If you put a lot of the corners of the eye bag, it may be easier to create a slurray or you may not be able to hold the eye as it is.
In that case, it will need to be fixed with putty or tape. Please be careful.

★ If the eye bag is cut

With your hands on the back of your head, push the sleep eye out of the front.
Be careful not to crush your eyelashes.

※Please be careful not to get hurt when using the cutter.
 Please take responsibility for exchanging one person.
 Customers do not exchange modified products.

Four. Can play glass eyes

If the eye bag is not cut, 「3.Remove the sleep eye and cut it with reference to 」.

Stick false eyelashes from the inside of the eye bag and turn your favorite glass eyes and acrylic eyes into a piece of glitter!

※Please select glass eyes and acrylic eyes as a reference to 20 mm for Omako-chan and 22 mm for Nikki.

Five. Blow the direction of the line of sight

Put a glass eye on the side and sprinkle with a tune.

A little bit of an eb.

6. If you have your favorite look

Toshiko and Nikki image post BBSLet’s go. We look forward to your post!