Tom of FINLAND 001 Rebel – Anatomically

Tom of Finland’s 001 Rebel is the first in the series of officially licensed Action Figures based on the artwork by TOM OF FINLAND. This American classic, as portrayed by film greats James Dean and Marlon Brando, is brought to life with TOM ’s unique vision in 001 Rebel. Tom of Finland from “Action figures” are the highest quality pose able 13“ tall collectible Action figures available based on the art work of Tom of Finland. These serially numbered figures feature 15 joints, detailed paint, removable clothing and a range of accessories. The figure is displayed on a chrome-metalized base, which functions as a storage box for accessories and is covered with a protective clear bell-jar vitrine. The materials used are of high quality, durable and flexible. The surface of the figure is matte, not glossy, and feels great to touch. 
Dimension: 13″ x 6″ x 4″ with base 17″ Weight:  3.5 lbs Package Included: 1 x Tom Doll, tags, mini condoms and private parts.

Articulations: Tom Of Finland Rebel Doll features a ball-jointed and flexible hips, elbows, knees, hands, feet, and boots. Ball jointed neck, shoulders and hips, and feet. 
Tom of Finland Clothing:  The styles illustrated in the drawings of Tom of Finland come to life in the clothing created for the Action Figures series and reflects the attention to details and materials, demanded by any collector.  The feet and hands are removable to allow the ultra fitting clothing to reveal the provocative details of the figure.
Tom of Finland Dog Tags and Certificate, Tom of Finland Reference Catalog, replaceable feet, & more Private Parts.  Images of the final wax sculpture from which silicone molds are taken to cast the tooling master for the final product.

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